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Friday, August 31, 2012

Tips and Tricks: 2012/13 F.I.T (AAS Fashion Design) Portfolio Requirements

I may add to it more if I think of anything, but I'm just throwing out a few ideas for you all working with the new requirements.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments:)

PART ONE: Design Test

  • design a jacket

  • design a top (use the top twice, once on each figure)

  • design a pant

  • design a skirt

Sketch the designs in color on two figures. Include back views of the garments on a figure or as a flat sketch. Attach actual fabric swatches and identify the fabrics on the front of the sketches. NOTE: Original artwork can be computer generated. REMINDER: Only color copies are to be submitted for this project.

  • Draw original designs in color using the medium of your choice. NOTE: Original artwork can be computer generated. Include a short written explanation of the inspiration. Design sketches are to be on full-length fashion figures with back views.

  • Include 2 inch x 2 inch fabric swatches on the front of each sketch, identify the type of fabric (e.g. 100% wool gabardine).

  • Include a short written explanation of the inspiration.

  • NOTE: Only color copies of your sketches are to be submitted.

I know in my other post I advise you to do a mini collection, but under these guidelines, not sure if it's necessary. In my portfolio, we could submit up to 10 looks, but they've slashed it by more than half. So if I were you, here I would put showstoppers, evening looks, avant guard looks etc.


They've dropped this down to 3 looks from the 10 I was allowed to use. MAXIMIZE your chances! They say 3 photos but don't limit you to showing one piece per photo. Show them what you can do! I.E. Do top and bottom looks for each photo, unless doing dresses. (You don't HAVE to do sportswear, you you're good at evening looks, do evening). The main thing is stay away from things that are too generic, t shirt dresses, etc. Classic looks always work, womens suits, blouses, dresses. When doing you're own looks from scratch, be careful to not go beyond your skill level. They will know.

In 250 words or less, provide an example of when your point of view differed from a teacher or employer during an evaluation of your performance. How did you handle the situation?

I might have mentioned this before, but I'll say it again, even if you haven't ever had this situation happen to you, explain how you would handle it if it did happen. Here's a tip, don't say you know you're always right:) They are trying to weed out the divas and troublemakers with this question.

Thank you for this.. I'm actually applying for spring 2013. The only thing is that they said the computers are slow or damage and the ID and password won't be available until mid sept. not happy about that, because it slow the process. But I would like to hear your subjection with the mix and match design. I was surprised they only want 3 garments now, and on part two the same thing. I remember doing 10 design when I applied.

I thought it was pretty straight forward. Let me know what you would like a suggestion on. I wouldn't worry about logging into myFit, just start working on your portfolio, you may find you want to change things, so you want to make sure you have enough time.

how many original designs can we submit now for the design test?

4 sketches total

. shit, when I first applied it was way more than that!

I know, when I applied it was ten. They REALLY narrowed down their requirements.

Hey Rachel, big fan of the blog! It's so helpful. I'm applying for Spring 2013. I know the portfolio is due November 1st. My question is in your experience have you heard that applying early increases your chances of getting in? I'm about halfway through my portfolio but I know there are pieces I want to change/modify. I feel like I'm never satisfied so I'm trying to decide whether I should hand it in early or keep working on it til the deadline?

This is a really good question.

I've been in your boat most definitely, and there's a good possibility you'll never be quite satisfied with what you send in, even after you send it.

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My work for my portfolio got sidetracked over the summer due to a broken hand is there anything you can suggest for me to have the best portfolio possible and still not have a time crunch at the end?

are you applying for spring 13? or fall?

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Sorry my computer wouldn't let me reply. I'm a senior in high school so Fall 2013

well I hope you have applied by now. :)

You do have some time, for me the garment test was more of a pain than sketching. Start that (sewing) as soon as you can

I would do the garment test and the essay first, then the sketching. But that's just a personal choice. If sewing is easier for you, save it last and do the sketching first.

Hi I have a question what did you put your sketches and garment photos in? Because FIT doesn't want it in a portfolio case.

I applied online so I sent in scans through myFIT

No I have to mail it in and was going to put my sketches and stuff in a portfolio case but because I can't idk wat to put them in

hmm. well I looked around, the best advice I can offer is to use small binder clips to hold everything together.

you can find them at Staples

Lol thank you and where did you scan your sketches at?

I have a printer/scanner on my PC

Hi, im applying for fall 2013.

Submit photographs of a maximum of three garments you have sewn (include front and back views).

so do 3 photos. but put multiple garments in the photo?

multiple garment = a full look like a jacket and skirt and blouse - yes this is how I would do it

For the sake of confusion I wouldn't put more than one person/figure in the photo

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Hi! I am applying for fall 2013 (1year AAS).

So, mix and match (2) + original design (4) = total 6 sketches?

Those are both dresses. Do you think this will be fine?

yes on the 6 sketches.

can you give some examples of season/destination? I did an egyptian inspired design test but I'm confused as to what they want. thanks :)

examples would be - Spring/Tokyo or Fall/South Africa

And make sure it doesn't look too costume-y

Heys, i really don't understand what we have to do for

Submit four sketches of your original fashion design artwork.

1. Draw original designs in color using the medium of your choice. Note original artwork can be

computer generated. Design sketches are to be on full-length fashion figures with back views.

2. Include 2 inch x 2 inch fabric swatches on the front of each sketch, identify the type of fabric (e.g.

100% wool gabardine).

3. Include a short written explanation of the inspiration.

4. Note Only color copies of your sketches are to be submitted

Hi Rachel! I want to know if the mood page can be handmade or if it has to be digital?

One question for the sewing test. I know it's "sewing" test, but I have this really badass piece I constructed out of recycled product. So it's not "sewn" per-say, but it is well constructed and cool. Would something like that be rejected?

I'm applying for Fall 2013. I stumbled upon your blog after being rejected for the second time, and I'm starting to realize where I went wrong. Let's hope that the 3rd time's the charm! :)

As for my question, my portfolio isn't due until February 1st, but I was planning on turning it in within the week. Do you think it matters how soon you turn it in, or is it okay as long as it's in by the deadline? Because I just found out that there is a portfolio day I could go to, would it be worth going to if it's right before the deadline?

Hey guys, FIT 4th semester fashion design here. I'm actually getting ready for my AAS show, and ended up here for some reason. anyways.

hey could you please give me your email? :D I have a few questions to ask you. I hope you don't mind. ^^

I like this stunning Fashion Design

Can you text me or email me, cause I need help on this alot, I dont get it much, more picture would be help, please contact me at: 570-209-5544 . I'm senior in highschool and apply for Fall 2014 , Fashion design.

Hey, I just come to USA about 3 year, im senior in highschool now and pllay for Fashion design (Fall 2014). Please contact me at 570-209-5544, I need your help alot, cause i didnt get it much, i need some examples and photos. But overall, please text me.

Hello RC. I'm applying for FIT Fall 2014, and I'm surprisingly having trouble creating a mood/inspiration page. Do you you think that maybe you can show show examples of the mood/inspiration page?

Hello Rachel! Thanks for all the advise in your blog. I am applying for fall 2014, I finished my sketches but my biggest concerned right now are the fabric swatches. I am doing e-portfolio, can I download fabric swatches from the internet and copy- paste or do they need to be actual fabrics? Also I thought I needed to look for printed fabrics but I have seen some portfolios in the internet, and I noticed that people are attaching the actual fabrics on plain color, and then design and color prints on the garments. Please advise!

Hello Rachel! Would you mind reading my essay for the application and reviewing some of my designs? Im new to fashion sketching and would love some tips from a fit alumni!

Hi i sent my portfolio 20 minutes late because the portfolio websites keeps crashing… i pressed the button like 10 times already and it stays on the same page. does this mean it has sent or is there supposed to be a confirmation page after you hit the send button? I don't understand this is so stressful…


  • Application (12)

  • Essay (3)

  • fabric (1)

  • Interview (3)

  • Introduction (1)

  • Parsons (3)

  • Photographs (3)

  • rejection (3)

  • Sketching (8)

  • Student Life (1)

  • Update (1)

  • video (9)

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Portfolio Presentation for Fashion Designers - This book is essentially made for someone who has already gone to design school, and is about to enter the job market. This is the 1998 copy, but on Amazon it appears to have the same info as the more expensive 2003 edition.

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